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Hello my fellow rider! 👋 


A smiling woman on a motorcycle Kawasaki ER6N wearing female motorcycle clothes


I am so happy you are visiting the Moto Lounge.

It was created with the purpose of helping us, women, find the motorcycle riding gear we love. The gear, which is safe and functional, looks great and feels absolutely awesome! So you can be ensured - I am here to help you find your best motorcycle clothing piece.

As you might have noticed from my name, I am not from Denmark. Arriving here a few years ago has not given me enough time yet to master Danish well. So although I am trying my best to improve the language skills, please do not be surprised to encounter me speaking English. However, I am a very skilled GoogleTranslator user, so I will always do my best to communicate in Danish if you prefer so 😊


Sizes & Models

Since Moto Lounge is still at the beginning of its journey, I might not be able to offer all models and sizes available online. However, most of them can be arranged on request. So do not hesitate and ask - I will do my best to ensure you get the clothing you like and want! 



I have started the store with a few brands I love myself - brands that, in my opinion, are exclusive, safe, great looking, and offer high quality and different price range products. So that every woman can find something she likes. My goal is however to bring more of the exclusive brands on board and to offer you a wide variety of choices in the future. If you support me now, Moto Lounge will be able to grow and fulfill its mission of bringing women a variety of motorcycle clothes that enables us all to create individual selves. And so, maybe one day we will have a female motorcycle clothing shop we can all be proud of!



Since we are still a small business, we don't have an actual retail store yet. However, I know that buying motorcycle clothing is not easy, and trying them on before purchasing is important for most of us. Therefore, our show-room is a small step into the (hopefully!) bigger Moto Lounge story.

I want to have a place where women feel comfortable, relaxed, and not rushed when shopping for motorcycle clothes. Where they can enjoy a cup of coffee and see the collections in reality, get advice or maybe even gather together time from time for a special event.

Moto Lounge Show-room is just like that! It's like a wedding dress salon, but way better - with motorcycle clothing instead of bridal apparel! 👰🏻 🏍️

So do not hesitate - come over and check it out! I always look very much forward to meeting you in person! 


Social Media 

In order not to miss on the news and exciting things coming up in the future - make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow Moto Lounge on social media, where I promise to bring some interesting content to you! 

I love being social, so do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions, concerns, or ideas you might have. Contact me on the phone, by email, or via Instagram or Facebook. And of course - come over to the showroom when you're around! 

Until then - enjoy the road and drive safe 😉



Raimonda from Moto Lounge