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Black armoured motorcycle underwear top with  Pando Moto logo
A woman wearing a black armoured motorcycle underwear top with  Pando Moto logo
A women's, wearing black armoured motorcycle underwear top, back
A woman standing by a motorcycle wearing Pando Moto motorcycle clothes
A size chart of a Pando Moto motorcycle base layer shirt
Armored Motorcycle Base Shirt SHELL UH 02 (XS-XXL)
Pando Moto

Armored Motorcycle Base Shirt SHELL UH 02 (XS-XXL)

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Dreaming of wearing your regular clothes when riding a motorcycle? From business trousers to your favorite jeans - everything is possible now with Pando Moto armored base layer! 

SHELL UH 02 armored unisex long sleeve base layer shirt is made of power-stretch 65% UHMWP and Spandex with fabric performance level A (EN 17092). This unisex model is highly abrasion-resistant and extra heat conductive. It is specially designed to be worn under your regular garments for an extra layer of impact protection, thus it discretely blends in, keeps you cool and thanks to the bi-stretch fabric, provides maximum comfort and keeps your armor in place. Equipped with armor pockets, it comes with super-slim SAS-TEC TripleFlex elbow and shoulder armor, leaving the back armor as an optional selection.


  • Available in XS-XXL. Enlarged sizes due to the unisex model. It also has a power stretch. Check the size chart photo for more specific measurements. 
  • Model wears size S, model measures waist: 28”/ 72cm, height: 5’6″/ 171cm
  • How to measure which size is for you?  Check out Pando Moto guide here.



  • Extremely durable power-stretch 65% UHMWPE and Spandex (15 times stronger than steel) fabric
  • Fully CE approved – performance level A in accordance with EN 17092
  • The bi-stretch fabric gives maximum comfort and keeps armor in place
  • Highly heat-conducting and reflecting fabric (cools down)
  • Low profile protection for unrestricted movement
  • Mesh on the armpits and sleeves for increased ventilation and breathability
  • Due to the comfortable tight cut, the armor is secured in place and doesn’t move around
  • SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE (EN1621-1:2012) approved elbow and shoulder armor INCLUDED
  • QUATROFLEX CE (EN1621-1:2012) approved back armor – optional (not included). You can get it here .
  • Easily removable armor

Water resistant / water proff membrane: No

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